Things That You Can Unwittingly Aggravate Your Cold And Fever Symptoms

Both colds and fever both make the body become erratic. Although usually the symptoms of a cold and fever can be easily handled by buying drugs in a shop, it turns out there are some habits that actually aggravate your cold and fever symptoms. Is one of them becoming your habit? If you need the right medicine, you can visit Phamacy in Bangkok.

The most common mistake is to let cold or fever symptoms go untreated. You may try to think positively that you are not sick and will be healthy. And the more it is left, the symptoms of a cold or your fever will actually get worse.

Not treating the disease actually makes the virus increasingly spread in the body’s cells. As a result, your immune system will decrease. Nasal mucus or snot which should work by removing viruses in the body becomes blocked. As a result, the possibility of transmission will be even greater.

The faster you treat symptoms of colds and fever, the faster the time needed to recover and be healthy. Some anti-inflammatory drugs can help you rest and prevent transmission to others, one of which is ibuprofen which can relieve fever, runny nose, and body aches.

Both colds and fever are most often caused by viral infections. If you choose to take antibiotics, then you have actually done the wrong thing. Because taking antibiotics will only make the bacteria in the body become resistant.

That is, if you get a bacterial infection again later and treat it with antibiotics, then the medicinal properties will not work. Symptoms of a cold and fever will get worse and never heal.

Vitamin C is considered capable of fighting all diseases, ranging from colds to cancer. However, recent research notes that consumption of vitamin C is not proven to reduce symptoms of colds or fever in a short time. Consumption of high doses of vitamin C actually raises other diseases, one of which is diarrhea. In some conditions, it can even increase absorption to iron toxicity.

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