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Colors That Are Good For Baby Rooms

What color do you use in your baby’s room? You can’t paint with monochrome or even dark colors. As much as possible the color of the room is none other than light blue or pink. In fact, using a variety of colors indirectly will increase his thinking and at the same time make his brain development increase. Therefore, let’s adjust the color of the room in line with increasing age. Before that, you can visit painting service singapore to get the best painter service.

– Age 0-3 months

At this age, babies can only see black, white, and gray only because their senses of vision are not yet fully developed. Don’t be afraid to use black and white in his room, because it will stimulate visual stimulation. It does not mean you have to paint the walls in white or black, but just present the nuances, for example, there are white dolls, then black photo frames, or mixed sheets of black and white motifs.

– Age 3-6 months

Your baby can see colors more clearly. Because that gives bright colors in his room to stimulate his creativity as he grows older. For example, add a tree motif with flowers or animals on the wallpaper of his room. Don’t stick to pastel colors, you can decorate the room with bright colors like yellow or orange.

– Age 6-12 months

Babies begin to recognize the colors young and old. So it’s fine if you want to display the color gradation in the room. It can be started with a blanket or carpet of his room. Then add the LED lights that turn on when you turn off the main lights of the room (glow in the dark). Old colors will make his imagination grow.

– Age 1-2 years

The baby already recognizes the color scheme, even he begins to realize if the grass is green, or the sky is blue. Add nuances of natural color to the room, starting with displaying blue sky or sea blue wall paint and adding wall decorations in the form of homemade paintings. Or add the character he likes, for example, Barney, Minions, or superheroes.