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Know the Erosion Prevention, Hydroseeding

The existence of indirect construction and mining activities will certainly have the potential to change a land. The land change if not handled properly and wisely will affect the function of the land on land. If the land has not been managed properly, the land function will be increasingly disrupted so that the land will be damaged. Water is an important part of the factors causing erosion. The water referred to in this discussion is river water. River water is a flow of water that moves in large quantities. The water flow will lift the soil particles so that they are carried to the place where the river empties. Land and water are natural resources that are not renewable and are easily degraded because of their geographical position and the consequences of their use that are not in accordance with their functions, designations, and capabilities so that they need to be protected, restored, improved and maintained through Soil and Water Conservation. Soil and Water Conservation itself is an effort to protect, restore, improve and maintain the Land Function on Land in accordance with the capability and designation of the Land to support sustainable development and sustainable life. This process will be well managed through hydroseeding company near me as a professional and licensed worker mentality.

There are several methods of soil and water conservation including using vegetative methods, civil engineering with the construction of conservation buildings, environmental management, and other methods. One method where the availability of tools and materials is easy to obtain and is available in nature is a vegetative method. The vegetative method is an integrated effort in tackling a land by combining the type and or type of vegetation with a technique and/or planting system with the aim of protecting, restoring, improving and maintaining the function of disturbed land. One of the soil and water conservation techniques from the vegetative method is hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is a method of planting by mixing seeds of the specially formulated plant and nutrient seeds mixed and stirred in such a way in hydroseeding tanks along with water media so that the mixture becomes homogeneous, then the mixture is spread on the surface of the disturbed land.