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Uncovering Myths or Facts of Body Detoxification

In general, doctors and health experts argue that the human kidney and liver have enough role to do the body’s natural detoxification. The term detoxification is unknown in the medical world. Many products sold on the market labeled detox are also not based on clear medical evidence. Likewise with treatments such as massage and yoga intended for detox. The detoxification mentioned can be done through the consumption of fruit juice also apparently not supported by medical facts. The idea that humans can “wash” or cleanse their organs by detox is actually not supported by a medical background. According to the drug detox center, detoxification can actually be identified into two types; Health care for people whose lives are threatened by drug addiction. Detoxification for lay people who are heavily promoted. According to Ernst, humans can die if there really is a poison that cannot be digested and released by the body so it needs a detox. But this will not happen because humans already have lungs, skin, liver, and kidneys that can detox naturally.

The liver acts as an organ that filters the blood and removes excess water and waste from the body. This organ prevents pathogens from entering the blood vessels and helps the jelly eliminate excess nitrogen. In addition, the kidneys also handle two processes of solving toxins and chemicals. In the first process, the poison is neutralized and broken into smaller parts. While in the second process, these fragments attach to non-toxic molecules which can then be excreted in bile, feces, and urine. According to the drug detox center, the ingredients mentioned can cleanse the intestines such as enemas, herbal medicines, and laxatives, which are not proven to be medically beneficial. Cleansing the intestine can even be dangerous because it can kill good microbes and cause bad bacteria like Clostridium difficile to enter the body and cause disease. This process can also trigger side effects such as diarrhea and vomiting. Detox products such as tablets that are claimed to cleanse the intestines are sometimes even at risk of causing interference with these organs.

Then is there a way we can do a detox? The best detox you can do is to make lifestyle changes such as exercise and a healthy diet. In addition, you can support your body’s organs to do natural detox better. To support the work of the liver, the body needs certain nutrients such as vitamins B, A, C, E, flavonoids, amino acids, and many other nutrients. Avoiding the consumption of processed foods and packaged foods, liquor, and foods rich in sugar can also help the liver work process.