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Understand the Five Stages of Sadness

Love is one of the warmest, most pleasant, and happy feelings of human life experiences. Love is felt by everyone, both in the form of love for family, friends, children, or romantic love for couples. Just like the high happiness, you feel when you are at the peak of love, falling even worse is very painful if you have to say goodbye to your loved ones. Sadness is part of love, is it sad because they have to leave forever, or because of a breakup of romance. Visit Here and get the best place to share your story.

You need to be sad for the loss and receive healing offered at the time. Know your emotional limits, but don’t close yourself when trying to let someone go and recover from the loss.

Know the 5 stages of sadness (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). These five stages will be more accurate if described as a cycle. You can jump over several stages, never feel other stages, and maybe you are stuck in one stage. But you can experience some or all of these stages over and over again.