Everything About Brunch That You Must Know

Brunch or breakfast and lunch has become one of the lifestyles of urbanites. The meals you enjoy between breakfast time and lunchtime are called brunch. This lifestyle originated from the habits of the people in England in the late 19th century which then spread to America in the early 20th century. After that, the spread was increasingly widespread in various countries in the world. Go to Boozy Brunch NYC to get the various menus for your brunch selection.

If breakfast is usually synonymous with eating light and sweet, and lunch is synonymous with savory food, you can eat both at brunch. The brunch menu itself is usually not too heavy like lunch, but also not too light like breakfast. However, we should also consider the type of food. Choose nutritious foods and make us full quickly. For example, salads, bread, and oatmeal.

If we have breakfast and suddenly feel hungry even though it’s not a time for lunch, we can brunch. However, we must pay attention to the food portion, friends. Because we have breakfast, we suggest that the brunch portion is not so much. Especially if we will eat lunch soon. That way, when we eat lunch later, our lunch portion will also decrease because it’s full of brunch.

if we haven’t had breakfast, can we still brunch? According to health experts, it turned out that it wasn’t even good. In other words, make sure that you don’t choose brunch too often compared to breakfast. If only occasionally, that’s why. Our stomach is not filled with food when we sleep so that the body will store a lot of fat to prevent hunger. The body that should burn fat will instead burn glucose stored in the muscle because fat must be stored. As a result, the body loses muscle mass and fat builds up. When the stomach is empty, the stomach will send a signal to the brain to be filled. Because of that, the portion of our brunch will be more than the breakfast or lunch portion that should be.

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