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5 Simple and Unique Tips for Decorating Bridal Bouquets

Bridal flowers are one component that must be an important concern in planning your wedding. A series of bridal bouquets that will be used by the bride may be mediocre because they have to look more special. Summarize the bridal bouquet using various accessories. Following are some tips on decorating bridal bouquet so it looks more beautiful and unique. Aside from that, perhaps you need to see the best ramos de flores as well floristerias medellin.

1. Using the remnant fabric from the bride’s dress

You can use the rest of the wedding dress as a beautiful flower bouquet! When you are going to make a wedding dress, don’t forget to tell the tailor to keep the remaining fabric of your wedding dress.

This method is recommended by an expert on wedding organizer Jennifer Arreguin and Natasha Burton from California Swoon. The cloth used to wrap the bridal bouquet will make your appearance more coordinated and integrated with the dress to be used.

2. Using a vintage brooch or a handkerchief

Using an object that you might borrow from your family or friend is also fine when decorating bridal flowers. You can use grandma’s vintage brooch to make your flower bouquet more glittering.

3. Adding some swan feather

If you choose a Boho bridal theme at your wedding, you might consider adding a few strands of goose feather into the bridal bouquet to add some dimensional effects. Your flower bouquet will look unexpected, and surprising!

4. Adding a ribbon to the bride’s bouquet

You can also add some ribbons on the base of your wedding bouquet. It doesn’t matter if the ribbon used is short or long, the ribbon is an easy and fun way to provide accessories to your bridal flower arrangement, and it will work well on any wedding theme. The ribbons used can later be dangled down, and will further make your bouquet of wedding flowers cuter.

5. Tie it together with a rope

This is a pretty brave decision, but if you choose a wedding party theme about maritime or forest, this can be a quite different and amazing choice but still stylish.